Our years of experience enable us to organise medical transfers worldwide by plane and helicopter and allow us to provide all the support you need. We devise customised air ambulance plans quickly, bearing in mind the specific needs of the patient. Our one-stop medical transport service ensures a smooth, patient-friendly journey.

Evacuation and overseas repatriation

Many people have unexpectedly found themselves in a position where an employee, relative or friend is seriously ill or injured in an area where adequate medical facility is unavailable. In many cases, they are neither able to cope nor to obtain the necessary medical assistance. Medical air services specializes in transferring these patients to reach the first class medical services in the shortest time possible. Our clients include:

Insurance companies

International repatriation companies

Public and private companies

Travel companies

Hospital trusts


Bed-to-Bed Service

We can make arrangements to take a patient from a hospital bed abroad to a hospital bed at home. This bed-to-bed service is the easiest option for many patients and is the most patient-friendly journey possible. It includes air ambulance service and full ground service.

This service ensures peace of mind and the smoothest medical transfer. If the patient’s health deteriorates on the flight, we are able to react quickly. If there are other problems, such as bad weather, in consultation with our partners on the ground, we will take the necessary steps, such as changing route, to ensure the patient gets home as quickly and as safely as possible.

Advantages To Patients :

Maximum patient-friendliness

We deal with all paperwork and formalities

Medical escort

Our one-stop transfers save time, minimise costs, and are most comfortable for the patient

Rapid help

Air Medical Escort Services

Some patients require an escort on flights, to provide peace of mind and in case they need medical treatment.

We offer an air medical escort service. A specialised physician or paramedic will accompany the patient and will stay with them at all times, enabling them to provide quick first-aid treatment using the available emergency equipment if the patient become ill on the flight.

We have well experienced medical escorts. We choose them by verifying their professional qualifications and background, and ensure that the patient and medic are well suited. After all, they will be spending some time together and the patient’s psychological well-being is a fundamental component of successful medical air transport – especially on long-distance flights.

24/7 Medical Flight Service

Medical air service staff are available worldwide around the clock, and can arrange national and international medical flight services at short notice.

Our multilingual staff have an excellent knowledge of local customs in many countries worldwide. This enables us to communicate easily with the authorities in foreign countries and act quickly and flexibly, ensuring we achieve the high standards our customers are accustomed to.

Advantages To Patients :

Office open 24/7

Transparent price policy

Short reaction times